Fast On-Site Search Experience, Ranking and Sorting Formula, Query Business Rules, E-Merchandising, Personalization, Content Navigation, A/B Testing


E-commerce, Publishers, B2B Retail, Marketplaces, Media, SaaS Apps

Search through different types of data: products, movies, articles, FAQ's, files etc

Advanced E-merchandising tool

Facets and filters navigation

Dynamic synonyms suggestions

Content navigation

Controlled ranking formula

AI Re-Ranking to find trends

High search performance

Search and categories personalization

Query suggestions

Voice search

Implementation | Management | Support

Stellar Labs provides end-to-end services for implementing, managing and ongoing optimization of Algolia tools


Conduct how you’ll measure the success of your search engine implementation once it’s live by understanding how to interpret analytics, tweak relevance, and capture user insights

Search Personalization

Develop personalization strategies. Personalization takes into account a user’s individual tastes, because queries mean different things for different people

Search Analytics

Increase conversion rates with search analytics that helps you model your users’ behavior by breaking down their searches into many metrics

Search Relevance Optimization

Customize relevancy ranking algorithms for your unique data sets and apply engine scoring to maintain search accuracy

Search Engine Security

Ensure search engine security with document-level security and various enterprise-grade access permission methods

Support and Managed Services

Provide support and managed services to ensure your search engine performance is optimized so that you can focus on your business