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Our partners know we are always innovating with their needs in mind and that, with us, they have access to the most cutting-edge technology, tailored support and valuable expertise.

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Dynamic Yield is a leading provider of automated conversion optimization tools for online marketers, publishers and retailers.

Dynamic Yield’s unique personalization technology was born out of the frustration felt by marketers with vendor bloat from point solutions and its detrimental impact on delivering consistent customer experiences.

Algolia is the search-as-a-service platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver fast and relevant digital experiences that drive real results. More than 8,000 companies including Stripe, Discovery, Medium, LVMH, Lacoste, Zendesk and Birchbox rely on Algolia to manage 70 billion search queries a month.

Persado, Inc. develops and publishes direct marketing software.

The Company offers software that transforms manual message creation into a software and data-driven approach that automatically generates and selects the marketing message that works best. Persado markets its technology worldwide.

The World’s First On-Phone Mobile Engagement & Real-World Personalization Platform, enabled by Edge AI. Anagog’s mission is to help companies unlock the power of mobile to make hyper-personalization a reality for brands and consumers, as well as a win-win.

Spryker is the leading transactional, cloud native platform for B2B, 1st & 3rd Party Marketplaces, Unified Commerce and B2C – provided as platform-as-a-service, enterprise-focused, and loved by business users and developers worldwide.

Optimove is a Gartner ranked marketing Hub that empowers marketers to plan, execute, and measure highly personalized campaigns – ultimately increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. Optimove is used by Marketing and CRM experts at more than 500 high-velocity, promotional, data-centric businesses.

Atlas Delivery Management System is a cloud-based platform that automates and optimizes every delivery stage. Order management, Routes planning, Online control, Mobile app for drivers, Digital proofs and much more are making Atlas Delivery.

We created Atlas Delivery to enable any business to gain customer’s loyalty with the most convenient flexible and transparent delivery service without spending lots of efforts and resources.