ProductDesign &Development

Product Design & Development

Stellar Labs creates IT products and digital solutions specifically for your business. We are with you through everything: from customer journey mapping to marketing strategy.

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What We Do

The Stellar Team is rich in cross-functional experience, working in companies of different sizes: from startups to multinational giants. It gives us the perfect blend of understanding business needs on every level, with the ability to perform in businesses of every scale

Problem Research

Customer Journey Mapping, Competitive Analysis, Employee, Customer and Stakeholder Interviews, Opportunity, Discovery.

Ideation & Design

Benchmark Analysis, Market Trends Analysis, Group Brainstorming Sessions, Wireframing, Mockup Design, Presentations to Internal Project Sponsors and Investors.

Solution Validation

MVP Design, Market Validation, Planning and Pilot Projects, Ongoing Support and Data Collection.

Product Development

Prototyping, Development, Testing, Web, Mobile, Backend Architecture, AI, Computer Vision and Blockchain Technologies.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Planning, Alignment with Internal Processes and Customer Needs, Product Analytics, Monetization, User Acquisition, Engagement and Retention.

Ongoing Support

Proactive Support around Business and Tech-related Plans and Issues, Product, Design and Usability Audits, Interim Product and Project Management (Outstaffing).

Approach Stellar If Your Company Looks For
End-to-End Solution

If your company is seeking a full service: from analysis and ideation to launch and support

Establishing Technology Partnerships

If your company is on the brink of making a digital breakthrough by forging new, valuable technology partnerships

New Revenue Streams

If your company is ready to grow and you are looking for new monetization mechanics

Product Packaging

If your company is looking for solutions to its problems and product development