Since 2017, Stellar has been helping eCommerce businesses grow and thrive, tailoring its services to support organizations’ strategic goals, empowering them to craft engaging user experiences, and growing their conversion rates and online revenue. As esteemed Dynamic Yield partners, the consultancy has built an impressive global program and touts technical expertise that allows them to bring shared customers’ visions to life in a timely manner, making its team exceptional partners in personalization execution.

How Stellar supports business?

Has established a true, end-to-end personalization program:

Stellar is a true partner and champion for its customers, defining testing roadmaps and audience personas, using Global Control Groups to prove value, highlighting business impact, and managing the entire personalization program for businesses looking to grow engagement and revenue with personalization.

Continuously levels up its technical expertise:

Education is a priority at Stellar, and the team is always up-to-date on all major technologies, even beyond the Dynamic Yield platform. Additionally, the organization makes a consistent effort to understand and leverage new product updates and features to further customers’ abilities to create memorable digital experiences.

Innovates and pushes the boundaries of traditional personalization:

The gold-level partner finds fresh ways to tap into the Dynamic Yield platform and help customers realize new ways to unlock business growth with personalization. From testing new solutions, submitting feature requests, and embracing a pro-testing culture, Stellar pushes clients to think big and also encourages our organization to find new ways to better support businesses.