Dynamic Yield received its highest critical capabilities ratings for testing and optimization use cases, as well as for the digital commerce capabilities use case, scoring the highest of any other vendor evaluated in the 2021 Critical Capabilities for Personalization Engines research.

What’s the secret to our success?

Superior UI and streamlined workflows:

Allows marketers to run omnichannel personalization programs across web, mobile, email, and ads, through a simple UI and streamlined workflows – without having to rely on developers.

Best-in-class AI algorithms:

Predict customer intent and affinity in real-time through self-trained deep learning recommendation models.

Agile and easy-to-use platform:

Empowering teams to start small, then scale across your brand’s channels at your own pace and deploy personalization and A/B testing where it will drive impact.

Open architecture:

Prioritizing flexibility, security, ease-of-use, connectivity, scale, and governance, while offering a comprehensive personalization solution for enterprise-level organizations.